Sunday, November 12, 2006

Spruce Classical Completed

The Engelmann Spruce Classical guitar is now completed and I’m very pleased with it. All of my recent guitars have been commissions, so I felt that I didn’t have anything that was representative of my current work. So this guitar was built very much as a demonstrator. It can be quite embarrassing if you haven’t got a guitar to show a prospective client! That said most clients have usually played one of my instruments and come to me on recommendation.

The guitar sounds and looks good (even if I say so myself!) and I feel represents excellent value for money. The problem with guitar buyers is that they really don’t realise that they can have a truly world-class instrument, built to their specification for less cash than big name brands. Once I talk to a client they’re always amazed by the options that are available to them, the quality and attention to detail.
Last year there were over 4 million guitars sold in the UK. If 0.1% went on to buy a hand made guitar that would be 4000 instruments. I don’t know how many luthiers are currently working in the UK but I’m sure that all together we could not cope with that demand. But of course that isn’t the case. So the moral of the story is “support your local luthier”……………maybe that would make a good t-shirt!