Saturday, October 30, 2021

Twin-Point, Flat Back??

The word “flat” used in connection with the top or back of a mandolin (or guitar) is a bit misleading, as they are, in general, made with a slight arch; the arch being induced by the instrument’s internal structure. I imagine that back-in-the-day, they were referred to as flat, because they’re relatively flat compared to an arch top, but I guess saying “I’ve got a relatively flat top compared to an arch top mandolin,” is a bit too wordy!

In this video I concentrate on how I make my “flat” backs.

Friday, October 08, 2021

Twin-Point's Tailpiece

The tailpiece for the twin point has now been made.

One thing that I like about making these is, that I can change the shape to pick-up on other elements in the mandolin’s design. You can see how the tailpiece carries on the pointy theme!
In case you’ve not see it, a while back I made video about making my tailpieces.