Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Classical Guitar: making progress

As you can see from the photos below, the spruce classical guitar is progressing. Its purflings and bindings are in place, the neck and fingerboard have been glued on and the neck is ready to shape.

You may notice that the classical is not built in the “Spanish” method. I prefer working on the neck and body separately and use a tapered dovetail to join them together. I have built a couple of guitars with an integral neck, but felt that it wasn’t for me. I do not think that there are any merits for either method, you just have to work with the method that you are comfortable with.
I guess the dovetail fixing goes back to my initial training at The London College of Furniture in the late 1970s. Herbert Schwarz, my tutor, came from Czechoslovakia and this was his method of working. If Herbie had been a Spaniard, I would be making my guitars differently! Herbie must be responsible for training so many top luthiers, he probably didn’t realise the legacy that he was leaving behind.


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Blogger Unknown said...

Hey Gary - Herbie was a family friend and made a guitar for my father which I still own. Lovely bloke. Good to see his legacy lives on!


12:12 pm  

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