Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The two Phils progress....

You can see that the Phil Hare Signature model and Phil A’s ergonomic electric guitar are progressing nicely. Both have now been fretted and had the necks shaped.

You can see how I’ve contoured the body of the ergo guitar and also that by using a “Gibson” style bridge you can tilt the neck back slightly. This is in an effort to make the instrument more comfortable for Phil to play.
He came over last night for a second fitting and it became clear that I’m going to have to take more material away from the sloping section- this is to try to stop Phil’s right shoulder being stressed.

I love this photo of the end of the guitar with different sections of wood showing.

Production is going to slow up over the next couple of weeks, as I’m about to move into a new workshop! Once that’s up and running the two Phil’s will start to have their finish applied and the next guitar (Geoff’s Honduras rosewood and Engelmann 00.....sounds good eh?) will be underway.

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