Thursday, March 08, 2012

More pretty stuff!

I’ve just finished working on the bindings and purflings for John’s guitar. I’ve used rosewood for the bindings as I really like the way it complements the koa.
I’ve used rope purfling around the front, to tie in with the rosette and simple black and white lines around the back.

Whilst the glue was drying on John’s bindings, I tackled a little challenge that Alan had set me. For his new mandolin, Alan asked for a cocobolo rosette. Now, that sounds a simple enough request, but cutting an elliptical recess into the soundboard and then an elliptical piece of wood to fit perfectly into it, took quite a bit of thought and even the making of a prototype. You can see the result below; its simplicity belies the work involved- it’s probably the kind of thing that only fellow woodworkers would appreciate.

OK boys lets have a group hug!

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