Monday, April 09, 2012

History Lesson

On my blog profile, I say that I made my first guitar when I was 14. In those pre-internet days there was very little information available about guitar construction. A magazine called Everyday Electronics ran a series of articles on building an electric guitar which I followed and from that built my first guitar (including making the pick-ups!) at school. I think that I then bought a Hofner from a junk shop for two quid which I renovated- painted orange with Humbrol enamel paints and made a nice marble effect Formica pick-guard!
Next, I built a bass guitar (a teak body with a Guild humbucker) which eventually became the first instrument that I sold. Anyway a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by John- a professional guitar teacher and musician, who bought that very same guitar. He kindly sent me this photo of him playing a gig in the 1970s on that very guitar!
John said that the bass helped set him on his way and I guess he set me on my way too.

Cheers John!


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