Sunday, June 25, 2017

Watching TV…

One reason that you might be reading my blog is that you like making stuff- it’s always interesting to see what other craftspeople do and to know that it’s just not you who’s mad! There seems to be a plethora of reality TV shows where various stuff from cakes to rat rods are made. Many of them show the main protagonists getting frustrated and swearing a lot; presumably this is what has been deemed necessary to attract viewers! And there some, where making process is more important, these are our favourites-
Sin City Motors: follows the guys at Welderup building rat rods.
Forged in Fire: a competition for bladesmiths making a variety of weapons.
Café Racer Naked Speed; various bike builders, building café racers.



Blogger HoningTheEdge said...

I've been waiting for a show that does woodworking in this format. It would be a lot of fun in an Master Chem format in which they had different durations to make things of different complexities.

12:49 am  

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