Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Archtop #5: Fretboard Extension

Next, the fretboard extension has to be painstakingly fitted. The tricky part of this is due to having a gap between most of the extension and the top-plate, giving an elevated section to the end of the fretboard. Why do this? Well to my mind, it frees up the area of the top plate, underneath the fretboard to vibrate.

To add to the complexity, I also like to fit threaded inserts, for the finger rest attachment, at this stage.
The fretboard extension is glued on and although I have faith in glue, if you know my work, you’ll know that I’m a belt and braces man. So, I put a dowel through the extension into the neck block to give some mechanical strength. Although it’s another task, if it makes it better, why not do it!
A couple of months ago, I bought one of these 25 quid mini lathes on eBay. I was a bit sceptical, but once it arrived, I was impressed by the quality and what it’s allowed me to do is make my own dowel from some walnut.
Here’s the dowel in place and you see what I mean about the ugly duckling phase!
And finally, all cleaned up and the slots for the carbon-fibre routed. The carbon-fibre ties everything together nicely! All the small holes are for wooden pegs that locate the fretboard whilst it’s being glued on.



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