Friday, March 18, 2022

Mandolin For Sale


The latest Standard mandolin is now complete and ready for sale. You can see the full spec on my website and I run through most of the details in the above video. If you’re interested in owning this mandolin, please feel free to contact me. You’ll find my email address on the website.
If you follow the blog, you’ll be aware that I tried a couple of new things on this one: how did they turn out?
Firstly, the tuners. We all know that the Gotoh mini sealed unit tuners are super smooth and function superbly. I guess my concern was that they are a bit heavier than 4-on-a-plate tuners, but playing the mandolin, I don’t think that it makes an appreciable difference. Also, visually a “traditionalist” might not like them, but I think they suit the minimalist look of this mandolin. Would I use them again? A resounding yes!
Secondly the 360 mm scale length. This is only 8mm longer than the traditional 352mm scale so it increases the tension in the strings by 2.3% which, is negligible but, it does seem to give your fingers a bit more room. So again, a resounding yes! To the question would I do it again?

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Twin-Point completed

The twin-point mandolin has now been completed and is safely residing with its new owner. I’m really pleased with all aspects of it and below is a video and some photos for you to see.

Over the years (like most woodworkers) I’ve built up a stash of wood that I’ve saved for “something special” and this Claro walnut, that the back and sides are made from, was from that stash: I’m very happy that this mandolin justifies its use!