Friday, May 26, 2023

Nava Handmade Baritone Ukulele For Sale

I’m offering for sale this lovely baritone ukulele. I completed it in 2019, and intended to keep it in my collection, however as I’ve hardly played it in that time, I feel that it’s time to let it go to someone who will play and enjoy it: after all it’s what they’re made for!

If you watch the video, that I made back in 2019, I run through the spec and give a little demo. The only things that are different are: I changed the tuner buttons back to the original metal ones as an ebony one split, lowered the action to 2mm @ 12th fret and put on a new set of Martin Fluorocarbon strings.

I should say that this is a lightly built and lightly finished instrument and probably not suitable for knocking about with at your local uke club!

I’m looking for offers around £800 (this includes a case) shipping is extra. In the video, I mention that I no longer make baritone ukes as my method of construction makes them economically unviable. However, if I were ever to build another, I’d be asking at least 2K.

Please feel free to contact me, via my website, with any questions. Loads more photos below!

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