Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Chambered Body E-mando: part 5

Here’s the latest e-mando video. In this one, I demonstrate how I shape/carve a neck. Although I’m working on an electric mandolin which has a relatively short neck, the process is the same for any of my instruments.

Also below are some choice photos.

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Friday, December 15, 2023

Recent Acquisition


I’ve just been lucky enough to get my hands on this lovely vintage bass guitar. Although it’s lost its head badge/logo, I do know it’s a “Top Twenty” made in 1968/9. These were made in Japan by Teisco at a time when they were being taken over by Kawai. This brand was sold via Woolworths in the UK, and I can distinctly remember seeing Top Twenty Guitars along with Audition amplifiers in my local branch.
Whilst researching, I came across this interesting catalogue page.
It seems the bass originally costs around £29, which according to the Bank of England inflation calculator equates to £400 today (2023): so, not exactly a cheapo!

First impressions?
The build quality is generally very good, with nice details such as the use of faux tortoise shell for the pickguard and the chrome “Jazz” bass control plate. The body is around 6mm thicker than the Kay bass I had recently, and that extra mass makes this one feel a more substantial guitar. It has a nice, real rosewood fretboard and the thumb rest is also solid rosewood. All this helps to give the impression of quality.
The bass is generally in good condition for its age with its original finish albeit with a few dings! However, it’s in dire need of a re-fret; the frets have clearly been levelled many times over the years and are now so, so low!
In spite of the frets, I’ve had a go at playing it and I’m really happy with the tone of the single coil pickup.
Unfortunately, as with the majority of used bass guitars, the tailpiece cover is missing: where do they all go?
I’m sure I’ll discover a few more issues once I dig and delve. But that will have to wait until the New Year and my current projects are complete!

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Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Chambered Body E-mando: part 4

Well, it’s all getting rather exciting! In this video, the neck gets glued to the body, the fretboard goes on and is fretted! It’s all coming together nicely.