Sunday, March 03, 2024

Cocobolo tonewood for sale

Cocobolo tonewood for sale

I’m thinning out my tonewood collection and offering two sets (back and sides) of wonderful Cocobolo for sale. I’ve made a number of great sounding mandolins from similar wood and I’m sure it would be suitable for other smaller instruments too.

I’ve had this wood in my humidity-controlled workshop for many years, so it’s ready to use.

I originally purchased it from Andy at Prime Timbers and if you know of him, you’ll know that you won’t find better quality or better prepared wood anywhere.

Beautiful, quarter sawn wood, ranging from warm orange to rich brown: can only be described as master grade!

Set #1


Back (each piece) 380 x 165 tapering to 155mm. 4mm thickness

Sides (each piece) 610 x 100 tapering to 92mm. 4mm thickness


Set #2

Back (each piece) 380 x 155mm. 4mm thickness

Sides (each piece) 620 x 92mm. 4mm thickness


I’d like £100 per set or £180 for both, plus whatever the shipping is. I can only ship this within the UK.

 If you’re interested, you can find my email address here and I can send you some more photos too.

Thanks Gary.

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