Monday, April 12, 2010

Martin’s Baritone ukulele

Martin’s Baritone ukulele is now complete and awaiting delivery. It’s a lovely little instrument and I’ve really enjoyed having a play on it. I think that the choice of tonewoods combined with my construction methods, gives more of a guitar like sound compared to other ukes. When Martin first approached me about an instrument, he was looking for a cuatro but a baritone uke had been suggested to him as a more viable alternative. I think that this style of uke is an ideal addition to a guitarist’s collection for a number of reasons;

It has a fuller guitar like tone with good bass,

It’s tuned to the top four strings (DGBE) therefore no need to learn new chords, scales etc. It therefore gives a different voice to your music with a minimum the of learning effort

Also its size makes for a great travel instrument....judge for yourself!

Richard’s mandolin update

Did Richard like his mandolin? Here's a thread on the Mandolin Cafe forum for you to read.............


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