Sunday, May 15, 2011

Guitar and Mandolin Making Tuition

Guitar and Mandolin Making Tuition

I’m often contacted by enthusiasts who either wish to become luthiers or are having problems with a particular aspect of their guitar building. I guess that my openness in this blog and my YouTube videos encourages this kind of contact. I’ve often toyed with the idea of running guitar/mandolin making courses but I don’t think that with my current workload it would be possible to run a course where someone builds a complete guitar. However, what I would like to offer prospective luthiers is some individual tuition in certain aspects of lutherie; maybe someone is having difficulties with bending sides or fitting backs or French polishing etc. So if you are having issues with your guitar/mandolin making and wish for some specialised tuition please contact me (contact details can be found on my website) and hopefully I can arrange a tutorial to suit your needs. The rate for such tuition is £25 per hour.

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Blogger Peter Brown said...

What a great idea Gary. I've often felt the need for some one-on-one tuition myself but I don't know of anyone offering it in my area. I'm sure it will be an an attractive option for new builders who are either struggling with a particular aspect of instrument construction or can't commit the time and/or money for a longer, more intensive course. Good luck with it!

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