Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Adrian came to collect his mandola and octave mandolin last week and here he is, in the workshop, with his new OM.  It was a treat to hear the instruments played as they should be and it was really enjoyable working with Adrian on his double commission; if you want to see and hear these instruments in action, try to catch Adrian with his excellent band The Fried Pirates.
 I’ve just completed the rosette on Ian’s model 2 guitar. There’s been a lot of thinking time with this one! The sound hole is oval, so after some initial design work, I had a dry run on making the recesses for the rosette and used this as a guide for marking out.
 So here’s the story of Ian’s rosette…….
Very happy with this!
Next the sides have to go together and as the shape is asymmetrical, has a cutaway and there are four side pieces, more careful planning is required.
Making something as unorthodox as my model 2 shape is quite intense, so as “light relief” I’ve been prepping the wood for the next two mandolins. I like to build up a kit of parts, over a period of time and feel that resting the wood helps to build a stable instrument. Alan’s Standard (plus handmade tailpiece); this one has a red spruce top and bubinga back and sides.
And David’s Standard Plus; western red cedar top and English walnut back and sides.
And just in today is a fresh batch of 10 prime red spruce tops from the USA



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