Friday, January 16, 2015

A Good Day

It’s always good to get feedback from “Nava players” and to see/hear how the instruments are getting on in their new homes. So, we were delighted to get a couple of emails today. One from Paul in Australia about his emando;
 It is a great instrument to play; the action is perfect, it stays in tune better than any mando I have owned and it is really great using the two pick-ups. It feels good, the weight is just right and has a nice balance.
When I get gigging or busking I will send you some pics....but I am a very happy customer!
 And another one from Chris with a link to some great videos of him playing his “Standard Plus” on YouTube.
It’s great to see the mandolin being played as it should be! Check out Chris's YouTube channel for more videos.
Cheers Guys!



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