Tuesday, July 21, 2015

TAS……tool acquisition syndrome?

Lately, I’ve been enjoying finding and buying tools at various markets and car boots. I’ve become a little disillusioned by the poor quality of many of the new tools that you see around, so to get hold of something that is old,  has had some light use and can be restored and put back into use is a far better way to go. I’ve mentioned the cutters that I use for fret wire before and these were made by Starrett in 1889!
So a few recent purchases……
Never been a great fan of Surforms or approve of using tools as “object d’art” but a couple of weeks ago, I saw this lovely vintage cast one and couldn’t resist it for 50p!
Sunday yielded a particularly good haul: I’ve been after an angle plate for a while and stumbled across this one which is the perfect size for my pillar drill and for the components that I want to drill into.
The same guy had this unused reamer which is perfect for opening up end pin holes to take jack-sockets.
 And these; nos Abrafile blades, I haven’t seen these around for at least 10 years, great for the ramps on steel-string bridges and slotting nuts for heavy gauge strings.
Who could resist this tool box in “Snap-On” red…………….
.......not quite sure what I’ll use it for, but at the moment it’s a happy companion for the vintage CK box that I bought a while ago!


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