Friday, April 22, 2016

More old tools…..sorry, “Vintage Tools”

With the finer weather, we see the return of open-air markets! I saw (and coveted) these three lovely Stanley USA Hercules butt chisels on one stall. Old, but completely unused and just the right size for mandolins! 
They were a bit pricey for me, but Amanda snuck back and bought them for my birthday! Here’s the box that they came in, someone must have bought these mail-order, stuck them in a drawer for years and years, waiting for me to come along and use them.
I also came across this 3 inch Record Junior clamp, I really like these nickel plated clamps- they always seem very precise for instrument work. You can see the original price label; £1.43.
 And after a bit of a clean-up, it’s ready to take its place with the rest of my Record Junior collection! The 2 inch ones I’ve had for about 40 years.
 It occurred to me, as I was sharpening this Stanley #102 plane that I also must have purchased it 40 years ago. 
Tools that I bought new whilst at the London College of Furniture in the 1970's are now probably considered vintage! I bought this and many of my tools from Parry’s in Old Street, East London.
These days, Old Street is a very hip place- those days… not so!
 I never really got on with this plane- probably due to the lack of adjustability, and I’ve only really been using it regularly for the past two years or so. What I like about it now, is that it’s light and can be held in one hand.  This is essential for the rough shaping of braces as I never clamp down my soundboards whilst working on them.


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