Friday, November 30, 2018

Starting the Octave E-mando

I’ve progressed as far as I can with Pete’s e-mando (awaiting a shipment of Gotoh tuners!), so let’s make a start on Dave’s octave e-mando……
The body is being made from wenge; I know no other wood quite like it and although it’s a bit challenging to work, it’s a lovely material.
 I had to take it down a fair bit…….remember I’m the bloke without a planning machine.
Once the joint was made, but before it was glued together, the wiring channels were routed and drilled and coated with screening paint.
After it was glued-up the whole thing was covered in masking tape in order to facilitate accurate marking out.
A bit of routing, drilling and sawing and we’re up to here.
The next step will be shape the curves and contours that will make it comfy to hold next to your body.



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