Friday, November 15, 2019

"Had my fill"

All the construction work on Robin’s mandolin has now been completed.
Robin wants a French polish finish, so I decided to fill the grain now, whilst still cleaning-up and sanding.
For many years I’ve used pumice powder to fill the grain, prior to polishing and generally it has been absolutely fine, the only drawback is that the natural dye, from the wood being filled can discolour the purflings and bindings. Although this is a minor issue, which can be fixed with a scalpel blade and a bucket of patience, I’ve started using epoxy resin as a filler.
The advantage being is, that it is clear and there is no cross-contamination between woods. The disadvantage is that it’s bloody hard work!
The resin is pushed into the grain and when it’s hardened the residue is sanded off- in effect about 95% of what goes on is sanded off! Which took me about 5 hours- I never said that this method was quicker or easier!
Anyway, job done and ready to get playing in the white.


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