Sunday, February 11, 2007


Once the neck has been fretted, I shape the neck. In the photo, you can see some of my old wooden spoke-shaves and the hand-cut rasps that I use. I have had some of the spoke-shaves for 30 years and have had to rebuild them where they had worn away. I used to look around car-boot sales for old spoke-shaves but fortunately eBay is now a much better source!

With the neck carved, the guitar gets a final clean-up and is ready for varnishing.

That whole process takes a long time; this classical guitar should be ready in about a month, Easter at the latest.

I’ve started on the necks for Andy’s guitar and the mandolin. Both instruments will have Brazilian Mahogany necks and fancy stripes. The guitar’s made from rosewood and green veneers and piece of 3mm thick rosewood.

The mandolin’s made from black and green veneers and piece of 4mm thick maple, an off-cut from the back. They’re going to look so pretty!

Umm green again! Maybe this will be know as Nava’s green period by historians!


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