Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fame at last!!

How pleased am I?
I was delighted when this month’s (June ’07) copy of Classical Guitar magazine came through the letter box, not only am I this month’s featured Luthier, but I’ve also made the front cover. This blog is mentioned in the article so, “Hi there, if you’ve just found me!”
Some regular readers have pointed out how I occasionally contradict myself, for example the mandolin was meant to go on the back burner, but as you can see below it nears completion! Being a “one man ‘shop” I am flexible in what I make and projects can get shuffled around depending on priorities; that said guitars are always ready on the date promised. I’m very pleased with the way this mandolin looks; the quilted maple is stunning and the double points give it a kind of medieval look (if that makes sense). Of course the double point isn’t just about aesthetics, it allows easier access to all of the frets.

I had an interesting ‘phone call the other night from a guy called Neil he is starting up a project called, “Music from the woods of England.” The idea is to get British Luthiers to make some steel-string guitars entirely from indigenous woods. He said that so far, he has approached 130 of us! All the instruments will go on exhibition and will be given to the Nation as a permanent collection. It sounds an interesting project to get involved in.
Now 130 luthiers may sound a lot, but if we all managed about a dozen instruments each a year that would make about 1500 new instruments in a country where 4,000,000 (yes four million) guitars a year are sold! So remember “Support your local luthier”
I got the impression from speaking to Neil that he would welcome some experimental instruments: I have ideas and theories that I’ve been wanting to explore so watch this space………..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

olá Gary!
just to say that I'm very pleased to have found your blog. I'm a beginer in the conservation and restoration of stringed musical instruments.


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