Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Workshop

I’ve been busy over the past month or so building a new workshop. The photo above isn’t something from a nuclear fallout shelter, but some of the insulation that’s going into it! There is a vapour barrier and four layers of foil and bubble wrap type insulation. With all that in place, the inside will be clad in softwood. This should go along way to keeping the temperature and humidity constant. If you read the article on me in Classical Guitar magazine (click here for PDF) you’ll remember that much was made about how small my workshop was, well that article got me thinking... also I’ve had a number of visitors to the workshop recently and it gets a bit cramped with more than one person in! I should have rebuilt long ago but the disruption to my making always put me off, but with more commissions and projects on the go I have had to take the plunge and enlarge my space.


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