Thursday, April 16, 2009

Red Mandolin Completed

The Red Mandolin has finally been completed and here it is!

It is always a worry when the instruments get sent off and this one had a long way to go!
You can see the crate that I made for it.

The mandolin reached its destination safely and I had this lovely message from Alan its new owner:

It is beautiful and exceeds my expectations! The finish is superb and the fret finishing, the best I have seen.
The combination of woods gives a lovely rich tone for such a small instrument and the sustain will be perfect for the traditional and classical music I play. Many thanks for the years of pleasure I hope to enjoy.

Thanks Alan; it doesn’t get better than that!

I’ve made another video so you can see it; I just wish I could play better and demonstrate the instruments’ potential.

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Blogger Be a Goddess music said...

oooh i am sooooo jealous of your skill and wish i could learn how to do this.. one day i will - i am determined ! i would build some scary old folkie instruments and maybe a nice guitar. i like my bling too so am learning to inlay.

at the moment my limited skills lay around restoration and customising but to build something from scratch is a dream for me.

beautiful work well done !

4:58 am  

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