Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vintage Nava!

You may have noticed that this guitar is currently up for sale on eBay.

I made it in 1979, not long after leaving the London College of Furniture, whilst working at the London Guitar Gallery. It’s being sold by the grandson of the original owner who commissioned it from me. It looks like it’s been very well looked after and it’s great to know that your work has stood the test of time!

Its jumbo shape is based on a Gibson J200 and it has a nicely figured maple back and sides and a German spruce soundboard. It still looks clean and modern- could be your chance to grab a bit of Nava history!

Another one of my vices!

I had been wanting, to get hold of one of these vices for a long time- StewMac sell them as a guitar repair vice. I found that the cost of shipping from the US was almost as much as the vice itself. Thanks to Geordie, who pointed me in the direction of Rutland tools who sell them as a “cabinet makers vice”. I bolted it on to the bench for the first time this week and could tell straight away it was one of those things that you question how you ever got on without it- thoroughly recommended! In the background you can see the neck being fitted to Geoff’s guitar.

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