Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pattern maker’s vice

I’m aware that I’m getting more and more blog followers, so many thanks to all of you who are interested in what goes on here. Someone made a comment about the vice that I use. Well, it’s from Rutland Tools and they call it a cabinet maker’s vice, although I think the correct term is a pattern maker’s vice. StewMac do one similar.

Since I’ve had it, it has transformed the way that I work. The jaws rotate independently so that you can grip an object, that doesn’t have parallel edges, firmly- so when you look through this blog, you’ll see instruments being gripped by their necks.

This is also helped by the fact the jaws are higher than the bench's work surface. The whole vice can also be rotated through 360. I wouldn’t be without it!



Blogger Michael J King said...

I hope to get one of those myself one day, for
now I use a Parrot Vice from Axminster

6:21 pm  
Blogger Wood With Strings said...

Darn it - just when I thought I was done buying tools!

10:40 am  

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