Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quite a few things!

There’s quite a few things going on in the workshop at the moment. John’s koa guitar is looking really good- I’ve just about finished applying the French polish and it now needs to fully harden before the bridge goes on.

Speaking of which, here is the bridge; it’s made from Brazilian rosewood to match the head overlay. This too is beautiful wood; I’ve got a fair number of Brazilin rosewood billets which I got hold of in the 1970s and never used. The trouble with luthiers is, we put stuff aside for “something special” and expire before that day comes! So I’ve decided to start using it!

So, in between applying polish to John’s guitar, I’ve been putting Alan’s twin-point mandolin together. You can see the body below- yet more beautiful cocobolo with a red spruce soundboard. Without doubt, the twin-point mandolin has become my most popular instrument and (without blowing my trumpet, pardon the musical pun) because I’m willing to incorporate custom features, no two are alike.

I’ve also been cutting abalone- lots of little diamonds for the rosette on Charlie’s twin point mandolin.  The photos below give an idea of how I cut them. 

Whilst I was in the mood I also cut the N logo for the head (and for the following two mandolins!)

Awhile ago I was thinking about phasing the N logo out, but everyone who orders from me likes it, so it stays. It is however, gradually changing shape. Whenever I cut one, I don’t use a template, I draw it straight on to the shell. I like the idea of each one I make looking the same but being different; like your own signature. Each time you sign your name your signature has its distinct characteristic, but each version will be subtly different. The logo is gradually getting slimmer- so here’s the next three.

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I really like the shape of the saddle. Strings are well rested.

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