Thursday, August 29, 2013

How much does an ergonomic electric guitar cost?

“How much does an ergonomic electric guitar cost?” Well lately, that has been one of my FAQs. As my ergo guitars (or any other solid body) are 100% custom built and the client can have virtually any practical combination of hardware and woods, it’s a really difficult question to give a definitive answer to.
As a guide, an ergonomic 6-string built to a similar spec as the one here would cost 1400 GBP.  That’s with Kent Armstrong pick-ups and Gotoh hardware. Please note that this price would not include a case or shipping.
Less exotic wood, two pick-ups instead of three etc.  would reduce the price and equally more expensive pick-ups such as  DiMarzio would increase it.
To some, 1400 quid might sound like a lot for an electric guitar, but remember it will take me around 60 to 75 hours to build it exclusively for you, there will be at least £300 worth of hardware and as for the wood, it’s not cheap, this stuff doesn’t grow on trees!
If you have an idea for the specification that you would desire, let me know and I shall be able to give a much firmer price. If you want any more information about my ergo guitars or any other of my instruments, please do not hesitate contact me via my website.

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Blogger Howard said...

What a stunning guitar! an absolute beauty

2:01 am  
Anonymous musical Advisors said...

I have read your article post. It’s a very useful post. thanks for the efforts. You are truly to be commended. Your blog posts are very good about. Thank's for sharing ergonomic electric guitar cost details.

6:57 pm  
Anonymous Musical Study said...

I started playing electric guitar concerning a year back, and also rapidly grew disappointed with the ergonomics of the sittinged playing placement. With a traditional electrical guitar (Les Paul Special, in my situation), the neck is basically horizontal. This creates the right shoulder to be elevated, as well as the left wrist to be excessively bent. The right leg is typically propped up also, triggering irregular sitting stress.

12:08 am  
Blogger Lenny said...

Hi Gary

I developed 'frozen shoulder' in my right shoulder. It's reaching over the body that causes pain. Your ergonomic guitar my help. Is it possible to build one with Danny Gatton noiseless pickups? And to have a tremelo installed?

Lenny Doyle

8:11 pm  

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