Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mandocello and more..........

Here are a couple of photos of the mandocello, now that it has been fretted and had a good clean-up.
You might think that this one is taking a long time to build…..and you’d be right! Although most aspects of the instrument had been designed before the build started, you simply can’t figure out everything until you see certain parts constructed and in front of you and that is why it’s a slow process building a one-off.
The next step is to make the tailpiece and although I’ve made quite a number them, this one, being a heavy duty ten-string version, needs some designing too.
You’ll notice that there are two ‘pieces being made, the second is for Peter’s mandola. Peter purchased Standard V from me in 2013 and he’s now commissioned a matching mandola. Always grateful when a past customer comes back for more!
Here are a few photos of the body now that it’s been bound.
Also I’ve been working on the design of a guitar for Roland, which is going to be a really interesting project. More on this one later!
Roland has also commissioned a mandolin, so at the moment I’m just preparing various components.
Looks interesting eh?

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