Saturday, April 11, 2015

A bit of a challenge!

I’ve just completed work on the rosette for Jonathan’s carved top mandocello. It’s a task that only those who are practically minded would appreciate the complexity of. Unlike most rosettes, you have, thanks to the carved shape, a third dimension to work in. I probably spent as much time thinking about how to achieve it as I did making it!
Firstly, a jig had to be made-up to allow me to cut a clean and accurate oval shaped soundhole with a router.

And a lot of careful work to get to this stage………………..
…..I got so involved that I forgot to take any photos of the "in between" stages, doh!
As the rosette is oval and it follows the curve of the top, each piece of abalone had to be cut and individually fitted.
And he we have it.

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