Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Ambassadors and more……..

I’m sure that you’re familiar with Holbein’s painting, The Ambassadors; all the objects with their associated symbolism etc.?
Well, there were a few items at this week’s market that I couldn’t resist buying and when I laid them out, I thought that if Hans were to pop round to paint me, he would probably choose a very similar selection of symbolic objects……..
 The mandolin is a traditional Neapolitan bowl back from the 1900s; it probably doesn’t have any great value but it’s a lovely thing. So, do I restore it, or just let it adorn the workshop as is?
 Also, I couldn’t resist, yet another plane- a Stanley No 4, this one, is made in England, but has brass fittings instead of aluminium alloy and the casting looks a bit heavier and sharper compared to the other No 4 plane that I restored a while ago. 
Although there are plenty of websites for the dating of American Stanley planes, I can’t find any English ones.
Oh and the Keep on Truckin' badge, who didn’t have one of these on their denim jacket when they were 16?
 Anyway, back to the real world! I’ve had Paul’s Standard Plus playing in the white and now I’m about half way through the French polishing process- you can see how the wood really comes alive with some finish on it.
The next mandolin is a not-so-standard, Standard for Rob. Here is the completed rim- bubinga sides and rosewood end graft, with solid double thickness maple linings.



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