Sunday, August 29, 2021

Twin-Point, Flat-Top Rosette

 What with all the arch-tops and e-mandos that I’ve been building recently, I’ve not had the need to make a rosette, as there hasn’t been a sound hole to put it around! I’ve always enjoyed making rosettes so I’ve really been looking forward to making one for the new twin-point and here it is……..

And how I did it!.......

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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Twin-Point, Flat-Top Mandolin: introduction


Friday, August 06, 2021

Twin-Point Mandolin: The Next Generation?

Firstly, why twin-point and not two-point like other luthiers call their pointy mandolins? Quite simple really, my shape is symmetrical, each half of the body mirroring the other, so “twin” makes perfect sense to me!

I built my first twin-point mandolin back in 2007 and have made 14 instruments to this particular shape. When I look back, there have been quite a few changes; at least three bridge designs, three head shapes, the heel shape, tailpiece design and some of the internal structure.

As, I haven’t made a twin-point for a while, I feel it’s high-time to make one. A few months ago, whilst having a bit of a workshop clear-out, I threw out my original external mould, (used for constructing the rim) as it was getting tatty from use and being modified. This was a deliberate decision, as getting rid of the old one means that I have to construct a new and better one, incorporating the mandolin building experience that I have gained since 2007.

So, as I’m starting with a new external mould and wish to incorporate all that I’ve learnt, since I built that first one, it seems appropriate to think of this one as “The Next Generation”.

Here’s the new external mould, although the mandolin’s player never knows anything about this, it’s the crucial foundation to a successful and accurate build. You’ll see it in action as the build progresses………..