Friday, February 18, 2022

New Standard Mandolin (available soon!)

As you can see, the new Standard mandolin is almost done, the next step is to make the bridge, get it set-up and playing.
I’m very pleased with the mandolin so far. It has a simple, elegance which depends only its form and its materials rather than any unnecessary decoration, everything you see is pure mandolin.
The neck is made from figured maple with my usual carbon fibre inserts. The fretboard, from Brazilian rosewood, has simple circles acting as position markers and my favourite wide evo frets. One new feature that I am trying, is a slightly longer 360mm scale length (+8mm).  

The soundboard is made from Adirondack spruce with stiff Sitka bracing and the sound hole simply bound in black.
It should be complete in a month or so time and will be offered for sale via my web-site. If you wish to register an interest, contact details can be found on my website too.

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