Sunday, March 12, 2023

My Bass Re-imagined! Part One

 I made this bass for myself in 2003 and basically it was inspired by the Rickenbacker 4005 bass. I also made a similar shaped 12-string version that can be seen in my archive.

So, in between applying the finish to the most recent Standard mandolin, I’ve decided to remake/remodel/recycle it into a more…….shall we say, user friendly instrument!

All the hardware is good, and I particularly like the sound of the EMG pickups. So, the central core of the bass will remain the same, but the body is going to lose some bulk.

First job, strip it down.

Then cut- I think that this is known as “the point of no return!”

And start to rebuild. As you can see the new body shape is an enlarged version of my electric mandolin!

At this point, I forgot to take photos!



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