Saturday, October 20, 2007

Getting back to guitar making!

The bulk of the work on the new workshop is completed and I can now get back to the business of making guitars! I’m so pleased with way it’s worked out; I have so much more room!

As I haven’t blogged for a while, I thought that I’d update you on what’s currently being worked on.

Richard’s guitar is being sprayed; the reorganisation of my work space has allowed me the extra space to be able to spray lacquer under more favourable conditions. The guitar is pictured outside the new ‘shop.

The maple mandolin’s French polished finish has hardened nicely and here I’m fitting the hardware and making the bridge. This was made speculatively and I hope to be able to offer it for sale via my website in a few weeks time. The great thing about making an instrument speculatively is that you can do anything you want and try out new ideas that help you grow as a luthier.

Luke’s bass in coming along nicely and as you can see the next major stage is gluing on the fingerboard and shaping the neck. As well as an adjustable truss-rod, there are two lengths of carbon fibre laminated into the neck.

The classical guitar that was on sale at the Spanish Guitar Centre was sold and at some point I need to build another guitar for them. I’ve started making up pieces for the rosette. The steel string that I had for sale on website has also sold, so at the moment I’m sold out! I need to build a new demonstration model and I’ve just got hold of some stunning Macassar Ebony that I might use for it. It has an incredible ringing tap-tone and will make a fantastic instrument. It will need to have a three piece back, but that’s not a problem.

There are a few more instruments that are in the design stage at the moment, more on them later.


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