Saturday, April 17, 2010

Neck joint

The next episode of my parlour guitar videos is now up on YouTube. In this one, I demonstrate how I use a tapered dovetail to join the neck to the body. I like the flexibility that the dovetail gives during the construction stage- it allows me to alter the angle of neck in relationship to the body. Some of you may be surprised that the surface of the neck is not just in alignment with the body. On a classical guitar, for example, the neck is set forward to allow high action at the 12th fret without the bridge being overly high. And of course, once the neck is glued in, the neck and body are as one and should never move.

Andy’s archtop

I’ve also being doing the purfling on Andy’s archtop: it’s taking so long! Not being able to use the router slows the progress considerably, as does not having a flat surface to work from- below is my armoury of tools that I’m using!


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