Sunday, October 28, 2012


Over the years, I always had a variety of instruments to make at any one time and therefore have never really been in the position to make batches of any one component. Making three mandolins, all the same shape, has allowed me to do this recently and it certainly is more efficient. Take these three necks; they all need to be routed take the carbon fibre reinforcement.
So you get the router and jig out, set-up the cutter this takes the same amount of time whether you are going to route 1, 3 or 50 necks. Even cutting the CF to length, hack saw out, marking out and cleaning up the dust afterwards- time saved.

To ensure accuracy, I use one of these jigs from StewMac to drill the holes for the tuners. 
The holes are drilled ¼” for the tuners shafts but then the holes have to be counter-bored to 8.2mm to take the bushes. Having 24 holes to counter-bore, inspired me to make this simple jig. The steel tube is aligned with the drill, the ¼” hole slips over the tube, toggle clamp to hold it firmly and drill. The phrase involving old dogs and new tricks springs to mind.

 And here are the 3 completed heads.
Respect for materials.
You’d have noticed that all of the heads have wings glued on to them. The head is the widest part of the neck and it would be such a waste of valuable resources to have the whole neck blank the same width as the head.



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