Saturday, June 08, 2013

Question of scale!

Working on Nadim’s guitar and John’s mandolin at the same time, swopping from the size of one to the other, really makes my brain hurt! I keep picking up Nadim’s neck and thinking, “Nah, it’s too long!” but of course the distance from the nut to the 14th fret is about the same as the scale length for the mandolin!
Here you can see both of the rims completed.
You may have noticed that head overlay on John’s mandolin is made from Thuya Burl. It is a very odd wood to work and you can read about it here.
 The Thuya Burl complements the Brazilian mahogany beautifully; so I’m going to use it in various places such as here….
…..the tailpiece cover and possibly the heel cap on John’s mandolin.

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