Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Had a good session of bending yesterday. The first thing that I did was to give the bending iron a thorough clean; I needed to bend the maple bindings for Adrian’s zouk and any old build-up of burnt-on resin could stain the maple.
After bending the maple bindings I did two sets of rosewood; one for Phil’s twin-point and the other for Ewart’s Standard Plus. If you look at the bending iron now, you can see the rosewood resin building up again!

 After the sides have dried out the various blocks, that hold the sides together, have to be shaped and glued. Here’s the tail- block on Ewart’s…………
..........and the points on Phil’s
 In this situation heavy duty rubber bands make excellent clamps.
And of the maple bindings are going on to the ‘zouk in the time honoured fashion.

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