Saturday, April 01, 2017

Fan Frets?

I first came across a fan fretted guitar a number of  years back when Amanda and I visited the wonderful Jeff Traugott in his Santa Cruz workshop. Until recently I’ve not been too bothered by the concept, however I’ve been thinking about 5 string e-mando with a low C and trying to decide upon a suitable scale. It seems to me that for this application fan frets might be a good way to go.
There’s a fair bit information on t’interweb, but to gain a real understanding, I like work things through from first principle for myself.
So questions; do the frets really fan i.e. if you project a line along each fret will they converge at one point and does it matter which fret is perpendicular to the centreline?
Thinking about geometry; similar triangles etc. the answers should be yes and no.
So after a bit of drawing and testing I’m satisfied with my initial premise.
I shall now mull for a few months!
PS CAD free zone :-)


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