Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Just working......

So here’s a bit of an update on what’s happening in “The Nava Analogue Workshop”.
The archtop is going through the finishing process- it will have about 16 coats of shellac applied with an air-brush. Sounds a lot, but each coat is cut back with super fine abrasives and a silky, natural looking satin sheen gradually builds up.
The majority of the constructional work on Mike’s Standard plus is complete. It’s had a good clean-up and is now ready for me to make the bridge, nut & saddle and go through the “line-the-white” process that you’ve seen so many times before. The redwood soundboard looks quite stunning already.
And then we have; return of the Uke!
If you’re a stalwart of this blog you may remember that quite a while ago I started to build a maple baritone ukulele and no doubt you’ve often wondered what happened to it! The answer to that question is nothing; it’s waited patiently in the workshop whilst many mandolins have been made.
I decided a while back that this year (2018), I would limit the number of commissions that I build, so that I can finish the projects that I’ve not had time for, as well as developing the archtop mandolin range.
So rewind 6 years…………

Back to the present day and you can see things have moved on a bit this week! 
Here it is with the Spanish cedar neck and cocobolo fretboard glued on. Hopefully it will be offered up for sale on my website later in the year.
And last but not least, thinking about the next archtop; top plate joined in anticipation.

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Blogger Peter Brown said...

Gary, I have an F5 mandolin I have plans to finish next year, once I've completed my workshop. Glaciers move at a faster pace than this mandolin's journey, which began around 18 years ago! Don't rush that uke!

11:44 PM  

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