Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Side Project

Whilst the Tru-oil is hardening on Dave’s e-mando, I’m trying to get some side projects, that have built up, done before I get fully involved in the next instrument. I made this box about 38 years ago; made from elm and inspired by James Krenov. It’s been languishing in the loft for years, so it needed a bit of restoration work.
It was made as coursework for a City & Guilds course that I did. I used to cycle everywhere, so I designed it so that the individual parts would fit in my back-pack!
 This board of stunning pommele sapele is waiting to be made into the next archtop, I keep looking at, working out the best way to cut it for the back and sides. I don’t like to rush into things; I’ll keep mulling it over whist doing the other stuff.


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