Sunday, February 14, 2010

Parlour, guitar, baritone uke and a mandolin!

Parlour guitar videos

I’ve just put the next instalment of the parlour guitar videos on YouTube. This one talks you through making the rosette-

I’m very happy with the finished result- particularly the ebony edge to sound hole.

Martin’s uke

As you can see Martin’s uke is coming along; the purfling and bindings are now on. I’ve used a limited number of woods and visually they all work well together.

I had been waiting ages for some uke tuners, which has delayed work on the neck, they’ve finally turned up and are a real disappointment! I can’t use them so I’ve decided to use Gotoh mini guitar tuners instead- far better quality!

Richard’s mandolin

Richard’s mandolin is still being polished and there is quite a few more sessions needed on it. But it gets shinier by the day!

I just bought one of these “carpenter’s screw” clamps, they caught my eye in the Axminster catalogue. As you can see they work well for clamping non-parallel surfaces- recommended!

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