Friday, October 09, 2009

Ergo electric completed

Stefano’s ergonomic 7 string electric has been completed and I’m extremely pleased with the outcome. Here are some photos: a picture’s worth a thousand words!

Having completed the guitar and spent sometime playing it, I feel incredibly enthusiastic about this design. In the YouTube video you can see how the guitar balances perfectly when you play seated. At some point I shall make a 6 string version (the neck is already glued up!).

One thing I love about this guitar, is the use of mahogany and the Tru-oil finish. Over the years I’ve never been a great mahogany fan, seeing it just as a good wood for necks. However since I’ve been using Tru-oil or French polish, I’ve really warmed to it. The water-based lacquers that I used to use gave the wood a colder hue, whereas these more natural finishes bring out the real beauty of the wood.

El Corazon
El Corazon is being bound and purfled. You can see how the joint between the sound board and sides is completely cut away and how important the linings are in holding the whole thing together. I’ve used a red line around the soundboard, keeping the heart/blood theme going. The bindings are rosewood with a single line of boxwood laminated to it. The single line looks very elegant. Here you can see how the binding is held in place with clothe tape (50 metres!) whilst the glue dries.

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