Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Andy's Tailpiece

The parlour guitar had had it’s last session of French polishing and is now just hanging up waiting for the polish to fully harden, before the bridge is glued on.

The construction of Andy’s hybrid is now complete and I must say it’s a very cool looking guitar! I’ve been working on a tailpiece for it: my original thought was to make a “Benedetto” style tailpiece until Amanda pointed out how much they look like wooden kitchen spatulas, which put me right off! Anyway in a bid to make an aesthetically lighter looking tailpiece, I decided to opt for one made from brass and rosewood. The brass element has been cut out entirely by hand. Brass has a number of advantages-

Its strength; areas can be cut out to give a lighter appearance.

It’s a conductor so by fixing the jack plug to it, string grounding for the pick-up is catered for.

And also, brass takes on a beautiful patina with age.

The end of the tailpiece is finished off with a piece of rosewood the same shape as the headstock.

The guitar is going to have an oil-finish, Andy has the first mandolin that I a made, this also has an oil finish so there will be a kind family resemblance there. I’ve just given it one coat which has popped the grain making the figured maple bindings really stand out. As the instrument has a floating bridge (like a mandolin) I’m going to get it playing and then take it apart and finish it properly.


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