Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mandolin for sale.

Well here it is! The Nava “Standard” Mandolin is now complete and on sale. As I said at the outset, my aim was to build an instrument that was more affordable to those musicians without deep pockets and not to compromise the quality of my work. By stripping back any unnecessary adornments, I feel that I’ve managed to build a beautifully sounding, playable hand made mandolin that can be sold at a very reasonable cost to the player

This mandolin has a western red cedar soundboard, maple back and sides and a mahogany and maple neck. I’ve also used cocobolo for the fingerboard, bridge, bindings and other detail; this beautiful, exotic wood really makes the instrument look special.
I’m very pleased with the outcome- this is the first time that I’ve used a cedar top on a mandolin and I’m extremely pleased with the sound of it, its has great sustain and volume and good tonal separation. Someone somewhere is going to be very happy with this mandolin!

Anyway, it’s up for sale on my website for 750 GBP including a Hiscox case. Shipping within the UK mainland is an additional 25 GBP.

So what’s next on the mandolin front? Well once this one has sold, I’ll start building Standard No. 2 and there’s also this matter of the e-mando!

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