Monday, June 25, 2012

Project X

 Project X? Not because it’s top secret but because I’m still thinking of a suitable name! I’m adding a new model to my range of mandolins that will sit between my Standard and Twin-point. Essentially, it will be the same shape as the Standard but will have more of the fancy detailing that my twin-point has; this should give me something for everyone!So the first one is under-way. Red spruce soundboard with a rosewood herringbone rosette.

The back and sides will be Indian rosewood and you can see below, that the rim is complete.
The neck......
.....I’m using wenge on this one. It’s quite an interesting wood to work, not for the faint-hearted- very sharp, low angle planes are required.

This mandolin will have all the nice touches, such as an inlaid head and handmade tailpiece.

So I’ve been thinking about the name, model 3? Model A? I even thought of calling it the Italian for pear- pera but that looks like a typo! Something for me to ponder!

This mandolin doesn’t have a home yet so if you’re interested, email me via my website.

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