Thursday, November 05, 2015

The circle of life?

I’m at that stage where I’m well into the polishing of Roland’s instruments; the shellac really brings the wood to life.
This is first time that I’ve used Pau Ferro and it really is a beautiful wood. Unfortunately for me I only bought two sets; if no one else claims the second set, I’m tempted to use it on the mandolin that I keep promising to make myself!
 So, as this project nears its natural conclusion, another starts. The next on my waiting list is a quilted maple Standard Plus which will be going off to Youhei in Japan.
Here’s the complete rim; the end graft is from a nice piece of burr walnut, although most of it will be covered by the tailpiece, I still like to pay attention to these small details.
And the neck; again lots of lovely walnut!

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