Sunday, May 13, 2018


I’ve been French polishing instruments for around 10 years now and in spite of that experience, I still find it difficult to predict how long the process will take. I just keep going, polishing and cutting back (to various degrees) and one day the instrument turns around and says to me that’s it we’re done!
Not quite at that stage with Mike’s mandolin, but getting near.

So, in between polishing sessions, I’ve started the next Archtop mandolin. I’m so pleased with the one that Jeremy now owns that I can’t imagine changing the design but what I will do is refine my building technique, maybe make a few jigs etc.
The next Archtop will have American Black Walnut back and sides; I’ve had some lovely pieces of walnut in stock for years and have finally had the courage to convert one piece of it into back and sides- mostly by hand!
"For your viewing pleasure- MAN vs WOOD!"



Blogger Mandolin Jack said...

Absolutely beautiful, Gary! Lucky owners!

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