Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Tonewood for sale (UK only)

Over the past few years the emphasis of my work has changed from mostly guitars to now, mostly mandolins. What I want to do is sell off some of my “flat-top” guitar tonewood stock, to free-up space and to allow me to re-invest in wood more suitable for carved top mandolins.
All the wood has been kept in my humidity controlled workshop and is ready to use.
Here is the first batch, consisting of one set of Honduras rosewood and two sets of Indian rosewood. You’d be hard pushed to find better. I’m only selling as a complete bundle of 3 sets for £260 including UK mainland shipping (worth about £25). Please note that I will only sell to a UK buyer.
Full details of each set below.
The Honduras rosewood is one of two sets (I always buy too much!) I bought in 2010 from Timberline to make a custom OO; here’s the guitar so you can get an idea of what it looks like finished. It cost me around £120 per set back then!
Back 550 x 200 (tapering to 160) x 4mm
Sides 840 X 120 X 3.5 mm

This Indian rosewood set is one of a number that I bought from Touchstone Tonewoods in 2015 and has an attractive reddish hue to it.

Back 550 x 195 x 4mm
Sides 860 X 115 X 5mm

Last but not least, one of a number sets that I imported myself direct from India in 2010.  This is quite a large set and will be suitable for a big guitar and it should finish with a beautiful dark purplish colour.
Back 560 x 210 x 4.5mm
Sides 860 X 135 X 5mm

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